Teen Drama
Peter & the Starcatcher

Audition Information

Directed by Angela Miloro-Hansen

By Rick Elice

Have you ever wondered how Peter Pan got his name? Or how he met Tinkerbell? In this swashbuckling grown-up prequel to Peter Pan, a dozen brilliant actors playing pirates, mermaids, and of course the Lost Boys, set out for an adventure filled with ingenious stagecraft.

Open Call Auditions

You must be 12-21 years of age to audition
March 19 & 20 from 6:30-9PM
All audition at Geauga Lyric Arts Center, 106 Water St, Chardon, OH

Auditions Information:

Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue.

Peter and the Starcatcher is a play with music but is not a musical. Although you do not need to sing for your audition, please feel free to play your ukulele, acoustic guitar, or small percussion instrument if you so desire (several pirates will likely jam out throughout the show).

Rehearsal Information:

Please be prepared to list all conflicts between April 1 and May 23.


June 2 and 3 at 7:30PM, June 3 at 2PM

Casting Information:

With the exception of BOY, MOLLY, LORD ASTER, BLACK STACHE, and ALF, both male and female actors will be considered for each role.

BOY (PETER): The hero,Peter Pan, who earns his name during the course of the play. At the start,he is nameless, homeless, and friendless. He is a survivor. All he wants is a
home and a family.

PRENTISS: Peter’s friend from the orphanage. He longs to  be a leader, but doesn’t have the skills to do so.

TED: Another of Peter’s friends from the orphanage, Ted is obsessed with food. He is often called “Tubby” by Prentiss.

LORD LEONARD ASTER: Molly’s father and a loyal subject to the Queen of England. He is a Starcatcher— a protector of powerful starstuff.

MOLLY ASTER: LordAster’s daughter and a true leader. She is an apprentice Starcatcher. 

MRS. BUMBRAKE: Molly’s nanny. 


GREMPKIN: The mean schoolmaster of St. Norbert’s Orphanage for Lost Boys, where Boy ,Prentiss, and Ted lived as orphans.


BILL SLANK: The Neverland’s vicious captain.

ALF: An old sailor, and love interest of Mrs. Bumbrake.

MACK: An incompetent sailor who wants to be anywhere but under the thumb of Bill Slank.

BLACK STACHE: The world’s most feared pirate. He and his crew take over the Wasp. Black Stache is searching for a hero worthy of opposing his villainy.

SMEE: First mate to Black Stache. Single-mindedly dedicated to his captain’s every whim.

SÁNCHEZ: A hardworking Spanish pirate.


FIGHTING PRAWN: King of Mollusk Island. He has vowed to kill any Englishman that visits his kingdom.

HAWKING CLAM: Son of Fighting Prawn and Sweet’n Sour Shrimp.

TEACHER: Formerly a salmon, now a wise mermaid whom Boy meets on Mollusk Island.

Leading Ladies
It will make sophisticated and reasonable men and women cackle till their faces hurt.

March 10-26

The Little Mermaid
April 21-May 14
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