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Put Your Name in Lights!

The following sponsorship options include naming rights for the corresponding space. The chosen name will appear on a plaque adjacent to the space and be used in all printed materials and electronic materials. Please contact our offices to discuss specific requests.

Your sponsorship will support:  




Our goal through this program is to protect the future of GLTG for generations to come. Sponsorship and naming rights are available for a duration of five years. 


$10,000 Theater Lobby & Vestibule

Thousands of guests each year will see your name as they experience the best community theater in the area! The theater is also rented and generally open 350 days a year. 

$5000 Windows on Water (WOW!)

The brand new arts space facing Water Street and the Theater can feature your name! A perfect opportunity as this space is utilized liberally internally for classes and rehearsals, however, it is equally rented by the community and local businesses. 

$2000 Integrated Arts Lab

The rehearsal and classroom space at the back of the Arts Center. The space is utilized daily for classes, meetings, workshops and rentals. 

$1500 The Artists' Loft

Main space upstairs in the Arts Center to be transformed for classroom space and individual instruction rental.

$1000 Propstume Arcade

The costume and prop areas of the Arts Center; funds will cover the transition and organization of these spaces. 

$1000 Salon

Main seating area at the Arts Center to be renovated to better accommodate waiting families/students and create a more welcoming entrance for all. 

Other Potential Naming Opportunities:

Dressing Rooms (Theater) $500

Tech Booth (Theater) $500

Benches (Theater) $250

Seats $150 (Theater & Arts Center)

Café Tables (Salon) $250

Erika Hansen
Executive Director
Leading Ladies
It will make sophisticated and reasonable men and women cackle till their faces hurt.

March 10-26

The Little Mermaid
April 21-May 14
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