Surprise Yourself With What You Can Do!

With practice, anyone can gain the presentation skills and confidence to act, sing, or dance onstage. The key is finding a nurturing environment where you can hone your craft — a place that encourages you to try new things without fear, and lets you explore your talents and creativity in a fun, encouraging setting. That’s who we are, and that’s what we do.

Whether it’s singing, dancing, acting, or learning how to connect with an audience, with help and instruction, you won’t believe what you can do!

The Audition

Ages 10-17


A new theater teacher is bringing a production of A Chorus Line to the high school. Though the hopefuls range from shy to outrageous, and from diva-like to determined, everyone has a chance to step into the spotlight. A hilarious and heartbreaking look at the madness of auditioning and the actors who brave the process for that perfect part.

In this workshop production, which focuses on honing your acting skills through character development, you will also learn audition techniques to prepare you for your own upcoming auditions. 

Madelon Horvath

DURATION: June 10-July 13
(Off the week of July 4)

PERFORMANCEs: July 12 & 13

COST: $165 members, $175 nonmembers

6:00–8:00 pm