GEAuga Theater CApital Campaign


In 1954, the Geauga Lyric Theater Guild was founded and in 1997 we moved into the historic Geauga Cinema building that we now call home. We have played a vital role in shaping the arts scene in Northeast Ohio and our theatrical and arts education offerings are ever expanding. As our organization grows to serve the community, we believe it is important that our facilities also grow to meet the needs of our students and patrons.

Thanks to a generous Budget appropriation from the State legislature via our State Representative Patterson and State Senator Eklund, and an in-kind local match of the value of the theater's building from the City of Chardon, we are able to upgrade our theater for the public and our players. Your generous gift can help us grow the theater, improve our presentation, and increase the number of programs we can present!     

Our Impact

20+ productions a year 

15,000+ patrons

650+ students in classes 

Educational outreach programs

The mission of the Geauga Lyric Theater Guild is to provide arts education to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities and to help build a vibrant community through educational programs and performances that promote creative expression and civic engagement.


The Goal:

Raise $25,000 in seed money to fund the “Set the Stage” Renovation project

Why Donate?

  •  GLTG received a $200,000 appropriation from the State of Ohio for this project; however the grant is on a reimbursement schedule – i.e. we need to pay expenses up front and then get reimbursed
  • We also need to be prepared for “contingencies” – as we know with construction, we need to plan for the unplanned
  •  Some necessary costs associated with the project are not covered by the State grant so we need to cover them ourselves

The Scope of the Project

Construction start date: June 2018

The Geauga Theater building pre-dates changes in environmental health and safety regulations, energy conservation and ADA requirements. Improvements are needed to bring the theater up to basic standards for a venue of this type. There are no bathrooms backstage and actors and technical crew need to walk around the outside of building to access the rest rooms in the lobby, which are shared with the public. The public has to wait in extremely long lines that significantly extend intermission. The current lobby is too small and inefficient relative to flow of patrons during performances. In addition, there is limited storage and workspace in order to mount multiple productions and arts events.

Renovations will include the following:

  • Lobby, Back of House and Ticket Booth Renovations to improve efficiency of operations and prevent long waits by patrons to purchase/pick up tickets 
  • Women’s Restroom Expansion
  • Renovations and Improvements to Sound Booth and System 
  • Structural Repairs and Support for Main Stage and Proscenium; Stage Lighting/Infrastructure Improvements
  • Musician’s Loft Expansion and Safety Improvements
  • Office and Dressing Room Improvements on 2nd floor 
  • Exterior Awning and Signage

The Design

Our generous donors

Thank you for "Setting the Stage" and investing in our future:

  • Pat Adams
  • Bill and Karen Blue
  • GLTG Staff
  • Masco Corporation
  • Donna Kane
  • Jeffrey Smock
  • Guy Wilson & Karen Klozenbucher
  • Lubrizol
  • Lake Erie Video Productions
  • Meg and Mel May
  • Civia Wiesner
  • Nancy White
  • Susan Scheps
  • Jason & Rachel Bowden
  • Patty Osredkar
  • Kevin & Nancy O'Reilly
  • Tim and Alice McCarthy
  • Bonnie Robbins
  • Justin Simons and Amy Bennett
  • Marilyn & Frederick Wilder
  • Tim and Elizabeth Golling
  • Progressive
  • Curt and Norma Jerauld
  • Kurt Updegraff

Please join us – add your name here!